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Can i Design a Logo by myself? Or must buy logo from Professional Logo Designer?

A logo is perhaps the most important part of a brand or a business. The name of the brand as well as the logorepresenting the brand's image must be designed properly; a well-designed logo can create a huge impact on the market and in the minds of your customers.

If you want to make your own logo design, the first thing you need to do is learn more about what a logo is and what it represents. Search the internet for popular logos, visit portfolios of top logo design companies, and learn the true meaning of popular logos before you start designing the logo of your company. This is a very enjoyable process nonetheless, plus you will get a better understanding on how a good logo should be designed.

A set of design tools you are familiar with is always the best one to use. When you want to make your own logo design, it is critical that you know exactly what you need and how to achieve the desired end result. For example, a logo may be used in different sizes, printed on different materials with different background colors, and must also have the necessary traits for online and digital publications.

So logo design is a professional job, many new business owners and entrepreneurs don't really realize the importance of having a good logo. A WORD clip-art plus text is actually NOT a logo. A logo must represent the brand or business perfectly, reflecting key visions and characters. If you don't have enough time and skills to design a good logo by yourself, buy it from professional logo designer will be a better solution. And now logo design service is now very affordable, a few years ago, hiring a design company to produce the perfect logo for your brand or business means spending thousands along the way. Today, a comprehensive logo design service package can be bought for as little as $200 USD ONLY!

The people working behind some of the best logo design services available on the market today also pay close attention to other elements of the design. Representative color schemes, forms and shapes, and of course the typeface used as part of the logo are all chosen specifically for your project. This is also one of the reasons why the outcome of the project will match that of commercial design companies that charge 10 times more for an equal project.

With all these amazing reasons why a good logo design service is worth getting, there is no doubt that you should find the best service package right away if you need a new logo designed for your company. Finding the right logo design service is also very easy due to the fact that most of them are now available online. Compare service packages and portfolios, look into the design companies behind the offers, and you will be able to choose the best logo design service to get in no time at all!

Professional LOGO DESIGN Softwares

If PHOTOSHOP is NOT a professional logo design tool, which software should be used to design logo?

Designing a logo is not as easy as it seems. Although the end result appears simple, there are a lot of things to do during the logo creation process. The best logo designers now rely on highly flexible design tools and software to produce the best results.

The first key to good logo design is to use VECTOR instead of RASTER (BITMAP). This is one of the reasons why vector-based design software (Instead of RASTER editor, such as PHOTOSHOP) are much more popular among logo designers. Vector gives you the ability to maintain logo quality when it is being resized, along with the flexibility of adapting the logo onto multiple media and platforms without an issue.

Adobe Illustrator is still one of the most popular software on the market, especially since it offers a stunningly wide range of tools that logo designers can benefit from. Adobe Illustrator, or AI, is vector-based and is compatible with multiple formats including TIFF and EPS along with its native AI file format, you can also get other bitmap formats (such as JPG or PNG) in Adobe Illustrator.

A close contender of Adobe Illustrator is Corel Draw. Although the kit is not as extensive as AI, Corel Draw still offers more than enough tools that can be used to design professional and striking logos without a problem.

Logo designers rely on their skills and ideas to create striking logos that suits your brand perfectly, but these tools bridge the gap between the designers' imagination and a finished logo.

Vector Logo Design

Why must buy a Vector Logo Design? Why PSD (Photoshop) is NOT a Professional Logo Design format?

We all know how the best logo designs are made as vector images. Vector logos are very flexible and scalable while offering freedom to logo designers in terms of design elements and execution of the design itself.

Vector images are basically a series of lines, shapes and all the details that surround them combined into viewable images. Vector uses magnitude and direction configurations to determine which line or shape goes where. When a vector image is opened using a viewer or a design tool, the software calculates these configurations and redraw the image automatically. Please note: Although PHOTOSHOP is a very famous design software, no professional logo designer use PHOTOSHOP to design logos. Because PHOTOSHOP is a bitmap editor, can be used in bitmap image creation only (like edit photo etc.). The image created by PHOTOSHOP is not a resizeable format, so you can NOT resize images without losing quality.

There are a few advantages offered by VECTOR images, these advantages are among the reasons why vector logos are perfect:

1. Vector images can be stored onto a small file regardless of the file format you choose. Both EPS and AI as well as other popular formats are compatible with each other and with virtually every design tool available on the market.

2. Vector images are highly scalable. You can enlarge the company logo as much as you like without suffering from loss of quality or other common issues seen on raster images. This is because the design software simply recalculates the magnitude and direction of each element accordingly.

You don't have to worry about exporting your vector logo to other formats as well. Vector images can be easily rasterized and saved as JPGs, GIFs, PNGs or other formats for different purposes. A PNG logo with transparent background, for example, works well with online publications and web pages. TIF outputs can be produced for printing purposes, while the animated version of the logo can be used for presentations and corporate videos.

Design-wise, vector images offer extensive possibilities. Logo designers can materialize their ideas without boundaries using the available design software. So it is not surprising to find the best logo designers sticking with vector as their preferred design base. The unrivaled flexibility and scalability are just too good to miss. You too can benefit from the use of vector images and formats, you can have your logo looking pristine and stunning on any media you like when it is designed as a vector image!

LOGO in small size

Vector LOGO in bigger size

Bitmap LOGO in bigger size

Logo Design for Website

Which Logo Design Format can be used for Website?

One of the primary uses of a business logo is for enhancing the business's web presence. The logo must appear on your company website, social networking profiles and other online publications regarding the business itself. Although logo formats such as Vector and TIFF offer the most flexibility, it is still necessary to produce several web-friendly outputs of the logo for web use.

JPG is perhaps the most popular format for web images. The format can be used with any browser without a problem while at the same time offering good compression and a smaller file size. However, JPG may not be the most suitable format for certain types of Logo Design, particularly logos that use a lot of vector elements such as lines and patterns. When the logo output is compressed into JPGs, patterns and lines may not appear as clearly as they do as vector images. The process of rasterizing the vector logo may cause artifacts and other common issues when done incorrectly. It is critical that you ask your Logo Designer to pay attention to the use of colors and elements from the beginning to avoid this type of issue.

PNG is gaining popularity among logo designers due to its ability to maintain transparent matte and crisp images. A web logo with a transparent map is much easier to place on top of backgrounds or other web elements. With a PNG logo, it is easy to create fluid web layouts and have the business's logo placed interestingly on the page.

One last format that you may want to consider is SWF or Flash. This is not the conventional format to use because it requires add-ons to be installed on the visitors' devices in order for it to work properly. However, SWF is not without advantages. Aside from its native support for advanced animations, SWF also keeps your logo in its original vector form.

These are the popular logo formats for web use. Pick the format that works well with the logo as well as the web itself in order to get the best possible appearance!

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