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designs-logo.com has designed more than 10,000 top quality logos
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Can i Design a Logo by myself? Or must buy logo from Professional Logo Designer? Why must buy a Vector Logo Design? Why PSD (Photoshop) is NOT a Professional Logo Design format?
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Multiple final logo versions & formats

The final logo will be sent in 3 final versions: Colored background version, Transparent background version, Black/White version. Each version includes 6 formats: Vector Editable Source Files: Adobe Illustrator (AI), CoralDraw (CDR); High-Res Bitmap Files for Printing: TIFF, PSD; Bitmap Files for Web: JPG, PNG

Never sacrifice quality with reasonable rates

You can get a custom designed logo from designs-logo.com for only $200 USD, but according to the Graphic Artists Guild you'll pay $2,000 to $10,000 for a corporate logo at a traditional design firm. We never sacrifice quality even with our very reasonable rates, you'll get a higher quality logo design at a better price.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

To completely eliminate any risk, fear or uncertainty you might have, we guarantee your full satisfaction or your money back! If you are not satisfied about the first draft, we can continue to work until you are satisfied. If you wish to stop your project in this stage, please let us know and we will refund immediately!

100% Original Guarantee

If you want custom logo design you found the right place! designs-logo.com is NOT the cheap tool to ask you pick templates by yourself and just add names on it, We guarantee our designs are 100% original, created by our talented professional logo designers.

Fast turnaround time

Once your information has been received, our designers immediately begin to create your new logo. We guarantee You'll see the first draft in just 2 days! With designs-logo.com, you will get top quality designs even if your project is on a tight deadline.

Best Service Guarantee

designs-logo.com is committed to providing highest quality custom logo and highest quality customer service, you can contact us anytime by Live Chat tool on the bottom corner of web page, Our team will be happy to assist you with any question you might have.

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Our Mission

designs-logo.com is NOT a cheap tool to ask you to pick templates by yourself and just add names on it,

designs-logo.com provides REAL custom designed logos by our talented professional logo designers,

at designs-logo.com, we collaborate in thinking, interacting, creating, and sharing...


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